Paris Games Week#PGW    1/5 NOVEMBER 2017 Exhibit

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PGW, dates, opening hours, location & getting here

- What is the Paris Games Week show ?

The Paris Games Week, or more commonly called 'PGW' is the French show dedicated to video games and its derivatives. The event belongs to the SELL (Syndicate of leisure and software publishers). This year is the sixth edition of the show.

- When and where will take place the show ?

#PGW 2017 will take place November, 1st to November 5th.

- How can I get there ?



  • Line 12 : Porte de Versailles station. On this line : Montparnasse and St Lazare train station
  • Line 8 : Balard station. On this line : Orly airport - Invalides terminal



  • Line 3 & line 2 : Porte de Versailles station



  • Line 39 & line 80 : Porte de Versailles station


*Travel peacefully Consider buying your metro tickets in the morning to avoid the evening queues at the cash desk. By public transport or on foot, we recommend you waiting until 11 am on the busy days before going to the show.
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Vélib bikes

  • Vélib station n° 15049 - 2 Rue Ernest Renan
  • Vélib station n° 15107 - 42 Boulevard Victor
  • Vélib station n° 15061 - 12 Square Desnouettes



  • From the highways A1, A3, A14, A15 : Take direction to Paris, access via the périphérique Est, exit at Porte de Sèvres or Porte de Versailles
  • From the highways A3, A4, A6, A10 : Take direction to Paris, access via the périphérique Sud, exit Porte de Versailles, Porte de la Plaine or Porte de Sèvres
  • From périphérique: Exit Porte de Versailles


*Travel peacefully Consider buying your metro tickets in the morning to avoid the evening queues at the cash register. By public transport or on foot, we recommend you waiting until 11 am on the busy days before going to the show.


*Car Tip: We recommend arriving at the opening and prefer the Parking C (before 10.00 am) or F (before 11.00 am).

Parking C and F: Direct access to the lounge. They are open 24/7

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General Information

- I lost an object on the show, where do I have to address to try to find it?

All items lost on the show are directly handed in the service of lost items of the police headquarters of 15 district of Paris.

- Could my child visit alone the show or should I stay with him ?

We recommend you to stay with your child and enjoy the videogame show in family. He can also visit in groups, but you must take into consideration that the show is very crowded. Some booths and games can be refused if he does not have the age or if he is not accompanied by an adult. For more information about PEGI, click here.

- Can I leave the show and come back later ?

If you leave the show, you will not be allowed back. Any exit is final.

- Is it possible to have lunch there?

You may bring your own lunch, or enjoy the on-site restaurants.

- Is there any smoking area ?

Smoking areas will be dedicated

- What to do in case of loss or theft of any personal item ?

You can go to "Accueil exposant / Commisariat général" area which is located between Pavilions 1 and 2.1. The found items are reported there. After the show, all the found objects that have not been retrieved by their owners will be transferred to the central police of the 15th arrondissement.

- Are pets allowed inside the show ?

Pets are not allowed inside the show

- Is it possible to store my stuff there ?

You will find changing rooms in the halls. The price is 2 € per item.

- What plans are set up for the people with reduced mobility?

Facilitated access to the show: dedicated accesses to people with reduced mobility are set up. The cash desk entrance is located pavilion 2.1 and the pre-selling entrance in pavilion 1.

Access via elevators: elevators are available in all Pavilions.

Parking: parking places are available in the parking R

Equipment loan: the show can provide scooters PMR (pavilion 2.1) and wheelchairs (Pavilion 1) upon presentation of reduced mobility / handicap card and on deposit of an ID card.

Booths access: each exhibitor is independent and reserves the right to make the visitors reach his space according to his defined priorities. Nevertheless, any person with reduced mobility can be known to animations' team to get priority access.


- As Belgian customer, how may I finalize an order ?

For the Belgian customers, simply indicate 000 or 999 in cryptogram to finalize an order.

- Peut-on payer les billets d'entrée avec des chèques-vacances ?

Les tickets d'entrée de la PGW ne peuvent pas être payés en chèque-vacances.

- Are tickets refundable or exchangeable ?

Tickets are dated, which means that you must come to the show on the day indicated on your ticket.

Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

- How to present my ticket at the entrance ?

To be valid, the ticket must be printed (in black and white or in color) in portrait mode (vertical) on a white A4 paper, blank and without changing the print size. The ticket may also be presented in digital form on Smartphone or tablet PC. However, only one person has the power to scan digital tickets, and we strongly advise you to print it to reduce your waiting time.

- Where is it possible to buy tickets ?

You can buy tickets directly through our website by clicking on the tab "Ticketing" and in your usual stores.

Application for Certification: Youtuber, blogger, press, VIP

Use of the trademark or logo Paris Games Week

- Do I have the right to organize a competition offering seats (even purchased) without asking permission to the PGW ?

No, it's forbidden. The brand and logo belong to the Paris Games Week SELL. Any use of the trademark or logo must be requested in advance. Using PGW tickets or invitations, can be considered as Unlawful Sale of entitlements by the Penal Code and can be punished. (Art. 313-6-2 of the Penal Code). You can expose yourself to €15,000 fine. This penalty can be increased to €30,000 fine for repeat offenses.


- Can I come with a luggage

In 2016, the access to the convention with a luggage or a package is not allowed

- Do we need to register somewhere ?

There are no special registration, you just need a ticket to access the show.

- Does the show have a locker room dedicated to cosplay?

There is a free changing room on the show so cosplayers can change. However it is not possible to leave your bag there. We recommend you to use the locker room wich are situated near of halls (price: 2€ per article)

- May I be searched if I arrive disguised ?

Because of the Vigipirate plan set up in Ile-de-France, cosplayers will systematically be searched to ensure the safety of all the visitors on the show.

- Can I bring a bladed weapon replica on PGW?

No, bearing any bladed weapon replica is strictly forbidden on the show, unless it is constituted by materials made of foam rubber, cardboard, plastic or light wood type.

If you are in possession of a forbidden weapon replica, the access to the show will be refused to you.

- If a bladed weapon replica is a part of my outfit and stays in its sheath, may I keep it?

Safety regulations on the bladed weapon replicas apply to all the cosplayers, even those having a sheath for their weapon. If you are in possession of a forbidden weapon, the access to the show will be refused to you.

- Are airsoft and firearms replicas authorized?

Because of the warning level of the Vigipirate plan set up in Ile-de-France, airsoft weapons are forbidden even if unloaded and batteries removed. Only firearms replicas made of foam rubber, cardboard, plastic or light wood are authorized.

Tournaments registration


- Is it possible to become a volunteer for the Paris Games Week?

The organizer of the PGW and SELL do not recruit volunteers to organize the show.

- I would like to apply as a hostess / host, who can I contact?

The organizing team of the Paris Games Week has no job available. However, you can contact the hostess / host agencies who work with exhibitors.

F.A.Q Exhibitors

- What is the first condition in order to be an exhibitor?

You need first to have a legal form. Individuals cannot exhibit on the show.

- What is the difference between a bare stand and equipped stand ?

From 12 to 24 sq.m, booths are compulsorily equipped.

The equipment includes:

  • Aluminium structure.
  • Melamine wall partitions.
  • Carpet: 4 choices of colors.
  • 1 name board with stand number and company name.
  • 1 locked corner storage area (Booths ≤ 18 sq.m : 1 sq.m - Stands > 18 sq.m : 2sq.m).
  • Power supply 3 KW intermittent.
  • 1 spotlight per 3 sq.m.
  • Furniture voucher

If you select this equipment, the price of the bare stand will be automatically added when the total is calculated. The equipment price has to be added to the price of the bare surface.

Over 24 sq.m, booths are delivered with a bare surface

Your booth will be delivered to you as follow: 

  • A tracing on the floor will indicate you the booth position.
  • The equipment and furniture of your booth is at your expense.
  • The power and the internet has to be ordered with Viparis’ exhibitor’s service.


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