Paris Games Week#PGW    1/5 NOVEMBER 2017 Exhibit

The ESWC shows its plan for the PGW

The ESWC, which stands for eSports World Cup, is back for the 5th year in a row at the Paris Games Week, with its international tournaments and its great live show from Wednesday 28th October to Sunday 1st November, in Hall 1 Porte de Versailles.

This year, again, more than 40 countries will compete. Oxent, the organizing company, wants this occasion to be related to innovation and diversity. This year will indeed set a record with the number of girls who entered the competitions (League of Legends, Just Dance, Counter Strike…) and for the very first time, the best pilots in the world will compete on Trackmania using VR headsets and sitting in 720° interactive cockpits.

4 world leaders to support Oxent and eSports

SFR Numericable
First cable and fiber operator in France, and for the 4th year in a row official Internet provider for the competitions and HD streaming, SFR is this year’s main ESWC partner.

HP & Intel
World leader in general public computer hardware, HP will supply all the gaming and production computers with their new Gaming Omen, both desktop and laptop, enhanced with new Intel Core i5 and i7.

World leader in gaming monitors, BenQ will equip the tournaments with their XL2430T 144Hz lms series and their new XR3501 curved screens.

Official manufacturer for headsets with their RIG and Gamecom series, Plantronics has been going along with the ESWC for 8 years over many innovations.

Schedule of the 2015 edition

  • League of Legends Women : From 28/10 to 30/10 - Casted by Chips & Noi. 40 finalists including Team Alternate (Germany) and XenoDragons (Poland)
  • Just Dance World Cup : From 29/10 to 01/11 (French final the 28/10) - 18 finalists including Diego San (Brazil), Avery "littlesiha" Price (USA) and the French Manuel "Roxsora" Rodriguez -
  • FIFA 16 (ESWC) : From 29/10 to 01/11 - 32 finalists including Navid "AdamanT" Borhani (Iran – Current World Champion), Brian Savary (France), Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing (England), Abdulaziz Al Shehri (Saudi Arabia – World Champion FIWC)
  • Trackmania² Stadium : From 30/10 to 01/11 - 16 finalists including Carl-Antoni Cloutier (Canada - Double World Champion) et Marek "Tween" Pacher (Slovakia – Vice-World Champion 2014)
  • OPEN PGW Counter-Strike: Global Offensive : From 28/10 to 01/11 - Casted by CnD & Manu. 80 finalists inluding Team LDLC White, Melty eSports Club, WeGotGame
  • OPEN PGW Hearthstone: From 31/10 to 01/11 - Registration each day, 9 am to 11 am.
  • International Challenge Trackmania VR : From 30/10 au 01/11 -  First virtual reality competition with VR headshet and special MMOne chairs.
  • Shootmania Elite World Cup : From 28/10 to 29/10 - 4 finalists
  • World of tanks – Le Choc des blindés : Friday 30/10 at 2 pm - Final on the mainstage with Gaming Live, Millenium, Eclypsia, Zerator And Domingo.
  • Heroes of the Storm Showmatch : Saturday 31/10 at 2 pm
  • EPSI League final on League of Legends : Wednesday 28/10 at 12:30 pm - Casted by Chips & Noi. Arras vs Lyon (Student France championship)

e-sport, sport of the XXI century

The Electronic Sports World Cup ™ (ESWC) is an annual worldwide competition where the world's best players and their teams meet each other. The competitions are composed of national events and a great world final conceived as a spectacle.
ESWC was independently developed by federating associative or private actors, all driven by the conviction that the video game champions are true athletes, or cyberathletes, precursors of their generation.

  ESWC 2015

Photo Credits: ESWC all rights reserved

ESWC, a global event

The challenge of the ESWC, is being able to satisfy both the purists and fans in a festive and sporty atmosphere.


ESWC was created in 2003 by Matthieu Dallon. Since its first years at the Futuroscope, the World Cup video games federated tournaments on five continents. In 2005 at the Carrousel du Louvre and Paris Bercy in 2006, the event has established itself as a reference in the world of video game competitions and shows games. Great World Final was held in 2008 in San Jose, California.


Since 2011, the ESWC conquers every year the Paris Games Week by offering 5-day show to nearly 300 000 visitors and several million Internet users.


Dates and key figures

  • First edition of the ESWC in 2003 with 32 nations
  • ESWC belongs to Oxent, global copyright holder since 2012
  • ESWC was fired in over 70 countries
  • ESWC offered more than $ 2 million in prize money
  • More than 500 000 people have already assisted at ESWC
  • 1000 hours of TV were generated from the images of the ESWC in more than 120 countries


ESWC 2015 PGW : Rules of eligibility


Participant must conform to the age limitation applied by the National Strategic Partner in their country. If no age limitation is applied by the NSP, participant must conform to the following age limitation :
On the first day of the ESWC 2015 PGW Final, October 28th 2015, participant must be at least :

  • 16 years old for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Mixte
  • 15 years old for FIFA 15/16, Trackmania² Stadium, League of Legends Women

A team cannot qualify for ESWC 2015 PGW Final by entering in a preliminary tournament with a player not respecting the above age limitation. Player under 18 years old and qualified for ESWC 2015 PGW Final will have to provide a parental authorization to enter the tournament.


Player with a game account currently banned from the game editor or studio cannot participate in a ESWC preliminary tournament or its final. Player banned by game editor or studio for any reason cannot participate in a ESWC preliminary tournament or its final.


For individual discipline (i.e : FIFA, Trackmania) Player must have the nationality of the country he or she shall represent. Player with multiple nationalities must choose only one country. The country chosen is determined by the nationality of the first national preliminary tournament the participant attempt. The participant can’t change the country he or she represents.


If a team has 3, 4 or 5 players from the same nationality, it is this nationality which will be retained to define team nationality.

i.e : a team with 3 Swedish and 2 German players will have Swedish nationality and will be able to participate in Scandinavian Regional Qualifier.

i.e : a team with 3 French, 1 Belgium and 1 Switzerland players will have French nationality and will be able to participate in French National Qualifier.

If a team has no clear majority of players with the same nationality, the Club nationality* will be retained to define the team's nationality.

i.e : a team with 2 Ukrainian, 2 Russian, 1 Kazakh players and owned by an Ukrainian club will have Ukrainian nationality and will be able to participate in Russia / CIS Regional Qualifier.

Moreover, to participate in a Regional Qualifier, the team must be composed of a majority of players with nationality from countries belonging to the region.

i.e : a team with 2 Swedish, 1 Norwegian, 1 Belgium and 1 Russian players can participate in Scandinavian Regional Qualifier.

*The Organizing Committee of ESWC considers a ‘Club' to be a legal entity or company registered with its national Company House, or whose main headquarters are in that country, attested to by the provision of copies of the relevant legal documentation.


After a team qualified through any preliminaries, or received slot from ESWC Organizing Committee for the ESWC 2015 CSGO Final, the team can only replace a maximum of 2 members. The team lineup change cannot modify the nationality of the team according to the team nationality rules.

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