Paris Games Week#PGW    1/5 NOVEMBER 2017 Exhibit

Discover the video game in family

At the heart of the show, Paris Games Week Junior is a free access place dedicated to the children from 3 to 12 years old and their parents including :


  • Manufacturers and publishers presenting playable games adapted to the children
  • Information about the games of the market with PédaGoJeux
  • An animation place with playful sports activities, goodies and snacks

PGW 2015_Paris Games Week junior


Create your own video game !


How to do a video game? How does it works ? Do it to understand it !

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The workshop proposed on the family space and animated by PédaGoJeux provides an opportunity for 9-14 years old to become a video game producer. The concept ? Create with the GameCode application a small platform game. This is the opportunity to learn game design bases... while engaging in programming ! Nothing like encode to decode.

Led by facilitators, the participants choose their worlds, characters and favorites obstacles and learn to code in Frenchified JavaScript. Participants also have to set game rules and procedures by asking the right questions. 

At the end of the session, the young designers can share with their families and the entire Game-code community their game and what they learned.

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The video game industry is expanding continually and touches a more and more wide target. It's essential to deliver a preventive message in front of present games on the market. This is why the PGW Junior place is realized in close collaboration with PédaGoJeux, who informs and makes sensitive on the video game. PédaGoJeux is born from the will of several institutional, professional and associative partners to create a site of reference information about the video games and their use.

PédaGoJeux has two main objectives :

  • Make sensitive the general public on the stakes in the child welfare and on the good use of the video games
  • Supply to parents and educators an educational approach of the video game.

PédaGoJeux reminds parents to check the ESRB rating before buying a game !


The PEGI symbols appear on the front and back of the packaging and indicate one of the following age groups : 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. They provide a reliable indication of the game content in terms of protection.of minors. The age classification does not take into account the difficulty level or skills required to play a game.


More about PEGI rating :


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