Paris Games Week#PGW    1/5 NOVEMBER 2017 Exhibit



It is from now on a very good habit, the MO5.COM association will take care of the offical retrogaming area of Paris Games Week 2015.



  Retrogaming MO5

This area will be "collègial" thanks to the contribution of Coin-Op Legacy which will support MO5 with eight historic arcade machine: Pac-Man ( 1980 ), Defender ( 1981 ), After-party Burner II ( 1987 ), Pang ( 1989 ), Blank ( 1994 ), Great Street Fighter II X: big Master's degree Challenge ( 1994 ), Great Dodge Ball ( 1996 ), Tetris: The Absolute - The Grand Master 2 (2000) as well as Mushihime-sama ( 2004 ) on big screen!

The MO5 association will also be generous with about twenty consoles and microcomputers at your disposal of which famous Bomberman to ten players on Saturn.

Retro Nintendo 

For the most curious, projection area of the broadcast Very Hard will allow you to know everything about equipments which made the history of the video game.
In brief, of what have fun, become enlightened and why not to give the desire to subscribe to!




Created in 2003, MO5.COM aims to preserve and disseminate the IT and video games legacy in France. By sharing its huge collection of games and consoles, with visitors from more than 10 events per year, the association perpetuates the videogame legacy through France. Eventually, the association would like to create the first national museum dedicated to digital culture.


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