The major players - console and PC manufacturers, French and international publishers and independent studios - come together to offer an immersive experience based on their latest news.

Esport & Sport

Video games and sport have been closely linked for over 50 years.

From consoles to Esport tournaments, they've become essential. At PGW, you'll have the opportunity to attend a wide range of competitions, where the best players go head-to-head.

At PGW, real sports mingle with virtual ones, with innovative experiences. In 2024, the “Sport & Esport Village” will offer activities to explore these links, offering participants a unique experience.

Photo Esport
Photo Cosplay

Cosplay & Pop Culture

If you're a cosplay fan, prepare to be amazed.

Visitors will be able to embody your favorite video game heroes and take part in breathtaking cosplay contests.

PGW is the ideal place to showcase your creative talents.


PGW is not just a video game show, but a celebration of the geek and gamer lifestyle.

It's a blend of technology and popular culture, with the latest video game innovations and animations inspired by science fiction, fantasy and manga.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the captivating world of ARTtitude, meet artists and discover original works linked to geek culture.

Art exhibitions show how video games influence contemporary art, while interactive booths and VR experiences offer total immersion in this universe.