The Syndicat des Éditeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs (SELL) is a trade association made up of video game companies specializing in publishing. With 24 members, including 21 publishers and 3 associate members, SELL is the voice of the video game industry for gamers, families, politicians, institutions and the media.
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The Syndicat des Éditeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs (Leisure Software Publishers' Association)

Publishers are specialists in the promotion of video games, identifying and supporting talented studios and ensuring the distribution, marketing and communication of their creations. With this in mind, SELL's aim is to bring these players together to encourage them to work together on consensus-based initiatives that express the richness, creativity and sense of responsibility of the industry.

Its main missions are to promote video games and raise awareness among gamers and families of the best practices for enjoying them in peace.

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Representing the voice of publishing professionals

As the voice of the industry, SELL's main mission is to defend the interests of its members and, more broadly, the entire video game sector. It is the key contact for public authorities, political players and the cultural and innovative ecosystems.

To this end, SELL is involved in several bodies and working groups:

  • Inter-ministerial working group made up of the DGE, the CNC, Ubisoft, the SNJV and the SELL.
  • CSA: member of the Child Protection Commission
  • CNC: member of the Commission on gender equality in the cultural sector
  • ISFE: member of the Board of Directors
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Inform and protect

Since its creation, SELL has been committed to corporate social responsibility, with the aim of informing and protecting consumers.

As a result, the organisation works on a wide range of issues to raise awareness among gamers, parents and families about the use of video games. This investment is reflected in concrete actions:

  • PEGI: created in 2003 and approved by the French government in 2015, this European system for classifying games according to content and age provides precise information on video games. Find out more here.
  • PédaGoJeux: a group set up in 2008 by a combination of players from the public sector, industry and associations. Its aim is to guide parents and educational mediators through the world of video games. Find out more here.
  • Support for associations in the sector that want to develop the video games industry with a strong sense of responsibility: Women in Games, CapGame, France Esports and Silver Geek.
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Promoting video games

SELL's mission is to promote video games, their innovation and creativity to the general public, national and European economic players and the media. We do this through occasional speeches and, above all, through two key annual events:

  • IDEF: created in June 2006, this trade show brings together manufacturers, publishers, accessory suppliers and buyers for business meetings.
  • Paris Games Week: created in October 2010, this trade show for the general public brings together the entire video game ecosystem every year to share the latest developments in the sector with gamers. The 2019 edition attracted 317,000 visitors and 194 exhibitors.
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Structuring knowledge of the market

SELL works with partners to provide its entire ecosystem with accurate research on the video game market, the profile of gamers and their consumption and purchasing habits. Several panels have been set up to carry out these analyses:

  • GSD Panel, Game Sales Data (distributors and digital) - ISFE/B2Boost
  • GameTrack panel (consumers) - ISFE/IPSOS
  • panel (mobile) - ISFE
  • Ad hoc surveys: The French and video games - SELL/Médiamétrie

For more information about SELL, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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