Video games and sport have always been closely linked. The relationship between these two worlds began more than 50 years ago with the famous tennis game Pong, but very quickly all sports became essential on consoles and computers, from football to basketball, not forgetting tennis and even motor sport.
With the Esport & Sport Village (Hall 3), Paris Games Week 2023 brings together these two worlds with shared values: competition and sharing.

France Esports

Over the years, the circle of Esport enthusiasts and spectators has widened. Beyond the competitive video games that remain the central attraction of this ecosystem, associations are working to democratise it. This is the case of France Esports, which is helping to develop the discipline, as well as supervising it. The association also tackles public health issues such as addiction, school drop-out rates and sedentary lifestyles.
Come and talk to the France Esports team and take part in the various events and competitions scheduled over the five days.

France Esport group photo

XL Esport

"Improving our game, our life, our world"
is one of the mottos of XL Esport (pronounced Excel), a team from the UK that has become a global benchmark in Esport in just a few years. The team excels at a wide range of games, from FIFA and League of Legends to Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter, Fortnite and Valorant. Today, XL Esport is taking part in the development of competitive and inclusive gaming through the Power Up programme, the aim of which is to find six talented women on Valorant. XL Esport will be waiting for you on its stand to take part in competitions and enjoy the music provided by the XL team DJ.

A crowd in front of the XL Esport stand at Paris Games Week


French studio Ymagine specialises in immersive experiences.
While the games on show can be played with a virtual reality headset, the experience goes even further thanks to the addition of an omnidirectional mat to capture your every move and give the player total freedom of movement over a 4 m2 surface area.

Not to be missed on the stand is Masturi, the world's first omnidirectional VR sports RPG. Also not to be missed is Terra 2054, the world's first virtual reality FPS on an omni-directional carpet, playable in co-op mode and making its world premiere at Paris Games Week 2023! And to round things off on a high note, Under the Sea will take you on a tour of the seabed and, for the youngest visitors, La Magie de Noël (The Magic of Christmas) will take you on a ride in Santa's magical sleigh!

Woman playing a video game on a virtual reality mat in a dark room with a VR headset

Sim Drivers

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Sim Drivers is a space dedicated to virtual motorsport. For Paris Games Week 2023, Sim Drivers is moving to the Esport & Sport Village to offer beginners and experienced drivers alike a virtual experience like no other. Seat, steering wheel, pedals, nothing is left to chance to immerse you in the heart of motor racing. From sports cars to GTs, from single-seaters to hypercars, a wide choice of racing cars is available for you to race at speeds of over 200 km/h on the most legendary circuits on the racing planet.

Photo of a man from behind playing a car racing game on a racing simulator

Le basket-ball 3x3

Basketball will also be in the spotlight at Paris Games Week 2023, with a discipline that has been growing steadily for ten years now: three-on-three basketball. Born on street basketball courts, the sport has been an Olympic discipline since 2020. The orange ball is waiting for you to take part in the many activities and introductions planned on the stand.

Freeze frame of four basketball players playing a 3-on-3 basketball match at Paris Games Week.

FISE Skatepark

For nearly 30 years, the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) has been a global benchmark for urban board sports. For this latest edition of Paris Games Week, a skatepark is available to the public for an introduction to skateboarding. Boards and protective equipment will be provided during your discovery session. For skateboarders who want to try their hand at it, a competition will be open to all (juniors, amateurs, open) on Saturday and Sunday. Throughout the show, six professional riders will be giving skateboarding demonstrations.

Freeze frame of a youngster doing tricks with a red skateboard in a skatepark at Paris Games Week.
The FISE programme for Paris Games Week

The French Football Federation

With over 2.2 million members and 14,000 clubs, football is the number one sport in France. The Fédération Française de Football is looking forward to welcoming you to its stand to share its passion for football, futsal and esports.

On the stand, you'll find PlayStation terminals where you can try out or challenge other players on EA Sports FC 24. If you're a keen competitor, you'll be able to find out more about the Federation's efforts to develop Esport through games such as FIFA and PES. As in the real world, every year there is even a detection camp at Clairefontaine to spot future controller talents. Will you be one of them?

young people playing an online match on a football video game in a room where the match is replayed on a giant screen

French Table Tennis Federation

Over the last few years, table tennis has gone from strength to strength on the world stage, as demonstrated by the brothers Alexis and Félix Lebrun, now ranked fifth in the world in doubles. Immersing you in the heart of this sport is the ambition of the French Table Tennis Federation, whose stand combines the real and the virtual.
First of all the real, with a series of workshops to introduce you to the sport, but also the virtual with PingVR. PingVR is a virtual reality experience where the player, equipped with a helmet and controllers, can move around freely: total immersion!

young table tennis player training with a virtual reality headset and joystick

The French Gliding Federation

If you've always dreamed of flying,
the stand of the Fédération Française de Vol en Planeur (FFVP) is the place to be! In addition to training pilots to handle real gliders since 1966, the FFVP is now involved in training virtual pilots. The aim is to issue an ePlaneur licence to enthusiasts wishing to immerse themselves in the world of flying before moving on to the real thing.
Paris Games Week is an opportunity to discover this world virtually and perhaps take part in the next French ePlaneur championship.

young man playing in a simulator with a virtual reality headset

French Federation of Sports Clubs

France has 1,200 clubs promoting different sporting disciplines within the same structure. The federation will be showcasing this diversity on its stand with NeoXperiences, a concept combining sport and video games. On a giant interactive wall, your skill and reflexes will be as important as your ability to move quickly. It's an experience that appeals to the sportsman and gamer in you! Moving and thinking with the aim of having fun, that's what awaits you on the stand of Fédération Française des Clubs Omnisports.

Children playing a projected video game by throwing balls at a wall


he ASPTT sports association has been working for years to develop physical activities from an early age. On their stand, you can discover the Lü technology, which uses a projector to transform any environment into an interactive playground. Coupled with a motion-detection camera and an audio system, this device makes it possible to create immersive interactive physical activities.

With a wide range of games to choose from, Lü caters for all kinds of players. Young children, senior citizens and people with disabilities (psychological, mental or physical) can all play along. It's a fun way to spend time with friends and family.

Visit the Esport & Sport Village from 1 to 5 November

Children playing a video game projected on a wall