Paris Games Week has always been a showcase for activities revolving around video games and pop culture. Cosplay (a contraction of "costume" and "play") has played a key role at the show for several years now.
Visitors' artistic passion

At PGW, all cosplayers are welcome!

Cosplay at PGW! Activities and events not to be missed.

A wide range of activities will be on offer throughout the show.

Meet the cosplayers Several cosplayers dressed in their costumes will be on hand to answer your questions, exchange ideas and share their passion with you.

Cosplay photo at PGW

Cosplayers meet to take photos

Discovery workshops

If you'd like to get behind the scenes and get your hands dirty, there will be workshops where you can create your own objects/accessories. You'll be able to take home a souvenir that may just spark a new passion.

Cosplay at PGW

A photo area

Are you a cosplayer? You'll be able to immortalize your costume through the lens of a professional photographer for a photo shoot.

Photo Space

A photo area dedicated to cosplay photos

Costume exhibition

The most beautiful creations will be on display, providing an opportunity to appreciate the meticulousness, attention to detail and, above all, the creativity and hard work of the artists.

Cosplay at PGW
Cosplay costume exhibition

Exposition Photo

In addition to the actual costumes on display, come and admire some magnificent photos of other cosplayers.

Cosplay: a multi-faceted artistic passion at PGW 2023

Behind this creative hobby are fans of video games, manga, TV series and films, who bring their favourite heroes and characters to life. It takes a lot of time to imagine and design the costumes of their idols, as well as working on make-up, hairstyles and accessories. For the most complex creations, it's not uncommon for these enthusiasts to learn and master the skills of the great artistic techniques to reproduce their heroes' costumes with extreme meticulousness. Some can even make bespoke objects and accessories to match the character's original design.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of hours are often required to produce the most accomplished costumes. The result is stunning, and sums up the passion that drives these artists. It's the same passion that drives the cosplayers at Paris Games Week every year. And it's a passion that's growing, as there are almost 20,000 cosplayers in France, from beginners to experts**.

It often takes dozens, even hundreds of hours to create the most accomplished costumes. The result is breathtaking, and sums up the passion that drives these artists. It's the same passion that drives cosplayers at Paris Games Week every year. And it's a growing passion, since there are almost 20,000 beginner and experienced cosplayers in France**.
Cosplay photo

Cosplayers of all ages, from beginners to experts, can come and share their passion. During Paris Games Week in 2023, the Imagin Con stand was the place to be for cosplay. There will be plenty of activities to meet cosplayers and find out more about this artistic discipline.

*Regulations concerning Cosplay accessories

Prohibited imitation weapons :

  • Realistic firearms (of any material)
  • Possible projectiles
  • Metal or metal alloy weapons (aluminium or other), whether sharpened or not
  • Airsoft’ type weapons (regardless of material)


Authorised imitation weapons :

  • Weapons that do not resemble any known weapon
  • Weapons made of plastic or polymers with no sharp edges or corners
  • Weapons made of light wood, plastic, cardboard or foam are permitted.


You will not be allowed to enter the exhibition with a dummy weapon that does not comply with safety conditions. We will not be able to keep it.

Cosplayers testify for you

"It's important to have an event like PGW because video games are a huge source of inspiration for cosplay."
- Celkae, winner of the 2023 cosplay contest