Come and experience great esport moments at Paris Games Week, vibrate to the rhythm of the competitions and support your favorite teams.
Passionate and enthusiastic, come and make each match an intense spectacle and contribute to the energy of this not-to-be-missed event!

A Rich program on stage

Every year, PGW hosts the biggest esport competitions!

5 days rich in captivating competitions, frenetic fighting game tournaments, real-time strategic battles, live demos of new games...

As an esport fan, come and see the world's best players battle it out in popular games!

And attend exclusive presentations and previews, offering a unique insight into trends and innovations in the video game industry.

Focus on PGW 2024 competitions

Discover the first esport competitions to be held at PGW 2024:

La Banque Postale Coupe de France
Join teams from LFL, DIV2 and Nexus Tour for the final League of Legends competition of the season in France.

Trackmania World Cup
Join us for the climax of the Trackmania World Tour 2024, where the 8 best players of the season compete to become World Champion.

La Coupe des Etoiles
Come and discover the biggest League of Legends competition for women in France. After 5 months of competition, the two best players will face off on the PGW stage for the grand final.

The French BlindTest Cup
Attend the grand final of ThisisBlindTest, where the best competitors will compete on stage to become French Champion after several weeks of competition. We'll tell you more about the 2024 program very soon!

New !

The French Motorsport Federation makes its debut at PGW 2024!

Join us for a unique experience on the FFSA stand, where state-of-the-art driving simulators will let you experience the adrenalin of rally circuits.

RJ x PGW vignette

A host of content creators

Meet your favorite content creators, who will be there to liven up the competitions, bringing their energy and expertise to set the stage alight.

These famous influencers and streamers will interact with you, commenting on live matches and sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes information.

An immersive and engaging atmosphere for fans! Over thirty of them answered the call to the stage last year!

Gaming equipment at PGW

As a video game fan, come and discover a vast range of cutting-edge gaming equipment and hardware: from stands dedicated to the latest-generation consoles to high-performance gaming computers and essential accessories. 

It's a veritable paradise for video game enthusiasts, where innovation and technology take center stage!

Esport fans testify for you

"A unique atmosphere, a great atmosphere on stage, especially during the Rocket League competition!"