Paris Games Week 2024 is just around the corner, and we're more than excited to announce that ticketing is now open !

Book your tickets now for France's biggest gaming festival, and take advantage of our INEDIT introductory rate ! Up to 20% off your PGW ticket !

Come and enjoy an immersive experience where you can meet your favorite streamers and celebrate your passion for gaming, pop culture & lifestyle with family, friends or solo !


Find out now about the first esport competitions to be held at PGW :

La Banque Postale Coupe de France

Join teams from LFL, DIV2 and Nexus Tour for the final League of Legends competition of the season in France.


Trackmania World Cup

Join us for the climax of the Trackmania World Tour 2024, where the 8 best players of the season compete to become World Champion.


La Coupe des Etoiles

Come and discover the biggest League of Legends competition for women in France. After 5 months of competition, the two best players will face off on the PGW stage for the grand final.


The French BlindTest Cup

Attend the grand final of ThisisBlindTest, where the best competitors will go head-to-head on stage to become French Champion after several weeks of competition.


Whether you're a fan of shooting games, strategy, sports or indie games, you'll find what you're looking for among the hundreds of booths, events and tournaments awaiting you.

This year, for even greater flexibility, you don't have to choose the day of your visit when you buy your ticket !