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Detailed program of events on stage

Wednesday 1st November

1 - Red Bull Campus Clutch: the final! - 09:10


Around fifty teams will be competing in Istanbul, Turkey, for the third world final of Red Bull Campus Clutch, the global university tournament on Valorant. The Red Bull Campus Clutch France final will give one team of university students the chance to earn their place in the race for the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023 title!

Expected content creators: Leïlo, Salut Brian, Laytho, EMB, MightyEvann, MNKway

The Red Bull event on the Clutch campus in France

2 - La Banque Postale Coupe de France - League of Legends - 11:20

This League of Legends competition is back for the second year at Paris Games Week. It's a great opportunity to discover established professional players as well as League of Legends enthusiasts. The unique feature of the La Banque Postale Coupe de France is that it is open to all players, amateurs and pros alike. After the first clashes in October, the grand final will take place on the PGW x Fnac Stage. After Wao was crowned best amateur beginner in 2022, who will be voted 'Rookie' for this 2023 edition? But above all, who will be the overall champion? Come and find out live!

Organised by Webedia

Postal bank in partnership with the French Cup

3 - Spider-Man 2 gameplay with Donald Reignoux - 17:10

Donald Reignoux and other Spider-Man 2 voice actors will be taking to the stage at Paris Games Week to discover the game together.

Organised by Fnac & Sony

Content creators present: Donald Reignoux

Spiderman french voice actor Donald Reignoux at PGW 2023

Thursday 2 November

1- AIR FORCE - 10:00

The French Air Force is recruiting for more than 50 different jobs, and you can try your hand at becoming a pilot for a day.

The 4 winners of the Air Force's competition will be taking to the Paris Games Week x Fnac stage to try out a virtual reality simulator. Brawks will be presenting the various Air Force and Space professions on stage.

Content creators present: Brawks

Organised by Webedia



Come along to the first French Blindtest Cup!

After opening the 1st network of digital venues 100% dedicated to music blind tests, THISISBLINDTEST is launching the 1st edition of THE BLINDTEST CUP OF FRANCE!

And it's taking place on the PGW x Fnac stage on Thursday 2 November!

Content creator present : Lutti

Organised by Webedia

Visitors in gaming competition on stage

3 - Animation Fnac X Lenovo X Intel - 14:05

Kaatsup, Little Big Whale, Hugo Délire and Grimkujow will be taking to the stage at Paris Games Week. Then they'll take on the public on the Paris Games Week stage.

Content creators present: Kaatsup, Little Big Whale, Hugo Délire and Grimkujow


Fnac X Lenovo X Intel animation

4 - Animation Fnac X Asus X Intel - 15:35

Content creator present: Kamet0

Organised by Fnac, Asus & Intel


5 - BSB League Awards Ceremony - 17:10

Organised by Fnac, Asus & Intel

Friday 3rd November

1 - SilverGeek - 09:45

Every year, the SilverGeek tournament illustrates the boom in video games among senior citizens and shows that this leisure activity can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. The eighth edition of the SilverGeek trophy will once again pit players aged 65 and over against each other in Wii Bowling, one of the events in Nintendo's hugely popular Wii Sport game. After passing the qualifying rounds, the best teams will meet for a grand final. Well-known to regulars at Paris Games Week, this is often one of the most exciting tournaments, and a great way for people of all ages to get together. So come and support your favourite team!

"Macif joins forces with Webedia to launch Cross Gen'! The Cross Gen' grand final will take place on 3 November at Paris Games Week, with Danièle, Brigitte and Alain in pairs with Domingo, Xari and Jiraya. Broadcast live on Twitch, each pair will compete in two famous esport games: bowling and archery.

Content creators: Jiraya, Domingo & Xari

Organised by Webedia

Le tournoi SilverGeek des seniors

2 - PREDATOR CUP - 12:35

The Predator Cup 2023 offers a unique chance for many players to compete in a 1v1 format, using Predator products, in Fnac shops across France. After tense qualifying stages in different regions, the top four players have emerged to battle it out for victory at Paris Games Week 2023.

On Friday 3 November, from 12.35pm to 2pm, gaming fans will be able to witness an epic showdown between these exceptional competitors. Don't miss the chance to meet content creators Florian "FuuRy" Marquis and Robin "LifeIsCool" Pachot-Giroux, who will be on hand to host the event.

Content creators present: LifeIsCool & Fuury

Organised by Fnac x Acer

La Predator Cup 2023

3 - Show match ZERATOR & Kenny TRACKMANIA - 14:05

Zerator and Kenny will be battling it out on party animals for a few hours on the TRACKMANIA stage at Paris Games Week.

Content creators present: Zerator & Kennystream

Zerator and Kenny go head-to-head on party animals

4 - Show Match ZERATOR & Kenny PARTY ANIMALS - 15:35

Zerator and Kenny will face off and play with the public for a few hours on the Paris Games Week stage, on PARTY ANIMALS.


4 influencers and 4 gamers will compete in party games to determine the winning team of the Fnac Gaming Tour.

Content creators present: CHOWH1, DEUJNA, DOIGBY, ZACK NANI.

Saturday 4 November


1 - Grand Quiz PlayStation - 09:55

Samuel Etienne and Julien Chièze are organising a big quiz on stage about new PlayStation games and products

Content creators present: Julien Chièze and Samuel Etienne

Samuel Etienne and Julien Chièze organize a big quiz on the stage

2 - Animation FNAC x Asus x Intel - 11:25

Domingo, Jiraya, Xari and Lowan welcome you to the stage to complete their CLUB PRO team at EAFC24!


3 - Flip & Spin Rocket League - 14:30

The hugely popular Rocket League game, which combines cars, speed and football, is set to host a major competition at Paris Games Week 2023. A tournament that is more than justified in the City of Light, since France is one of the best nations in the world today. As proof, the second world title won by Team Vitality with a 100% French team, not forgetting Team BDS who finished second and Karmine Corp, semi-finalists, who proudly represented the blue, white and red tricolour flag. You'll have the chance to meet these three teams on the PGW Stage, along with five other European teams.

Organised by Webedia

Flip & Spin Rocket League game

Sunday 5 November



Get ready for an epic #PGWALLSTAR battle! Two teams of top influencers will go head to head on #StreetFighter6 in a crazy showmatch

The @mistermv team will go head-to-head with @AREtoiles and his teammates in a fierce competition. Who will come out on top?

See you on Sunday 5 November from 9.30 am, on the main stage of the #PGW x @Fnac! You can also follow the action live on the Twitch channels of the two captains.

Don't miss this electrifying face-off!

Organised by Webedia

Two teams of influencers go head-to-head in StreetFighter showmatch


The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 is an international competition open to all, which will see the best players from all over the world go head-to-head on the fighting game Street Fighter 6. For two days, these enthusiasts will be able to demonstrate their level of mastery of this highly technical game when it comes to Esport competition. The aim: to reach the Top 8 to take part in the final on the PGW Stage and perhaps become the French number 1. Street Fighter battles are as technical as they are spectacular, so this is an event not to be missed!

Organised by Webedia

competitions & gaming

3 - Come along to the Paris Games Week Cosplay competition! - 17:10

France cosplay and Imagin Con will be organising a prestigious competition to reward the best cosplayers. It will take place on the PGW x Fnac Stage and will be a highlight of the show not to be missed.

If you're a cosplayer, come and play your favourite character at the PGW Cosplay Championship! To find out more

The cosplay competition at Paris Games Week